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All 80 of them now online - Thirdwoe - 07-04-2014

All 80 manuscripts from the Vatican Library-BYU project are now online!!!

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Re: All 80 of them now online - Thirdwoe - 07-17-2014

Of special worth to our Peshitta studies is the Manuscript called "Vat Sir 13" on the list there near the bottom right. This looks to be an Eastern MS, with very clear pages and what looks to be most of the four Gospels, copied down by a Scribe named Yukhanan (John) at a Monastery located on the Euphrates River, sometime in the 500s. This is a rare example of a very old and very well preserved MS.

I welcome further comment on it, by those who might know some more about this one.


Re: All 80 of them now online - Phil - 07-17-2014

Hi Thirdwoe,

Many pages have the Eusebian Canons on. And, take a look at the red rubric on page 156v (rough translation): Lesson on/for the Holy Lady Mary, Mother of God.
So I think this is a manuscript of Western Tradition.


Re: All 80 of them now online - Thirdwoe - 07-17-2014

Humm... The script looks Eastern, and where it was made seems to point to an Eastern Peshitta copy. Could the rubric and cannons be of a later time?

Phil, if you have time (I don't right now), could you check on a few places in the text, to see it they agree with the other Eastern Peshitta texts in the Gospels, where there are variances with the Western version?

Matthew 4:21 - does it read: "and Eshu' called them" or "and He called them"

Matthew 6:32 - does it read: "The Nations of the world" or "the Nations"

Mark 14:31 - does it read: All the Disciples said" or "they all said"

Luke 22:17-18 - does it have these two verses?

John 16:27 - does it read: "of Aba" or "of Alaha"


Re: All 80 of them now online - Phil - 07-17-2014

Shlama Akhi Thirdwoe,

The rubric is right in the middle of the text, so certainly is contemporary to the main text. I think the canons are contemporary too, since the sections numbers were added in well defined spaces at the begining of the lines (e.g. see page 134r, line 6, right column).

Some of the verses you quoted:

Mat 4:21 (page 11v) "and Eshu' called them"
Mat 6:32 (page 17v) "the Nations"
Mark 14:31 (page 144v) "they all said"