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Links to actual manuscripts? - Shamgar - 07-17-2013

Please as early as possible, I thought I remember the NT being Aramaic for many reasons, but some were it is written in a first century writing style on first century paper, what is the name of the very earliest (partial and complete) manuscripts and where can I view them? I think the Western Peshitto is dated 170 AD and that was the one they dicussed the issues on dating with, but if anyone could help me I would appreciate it very much. Thanks and God bless.

Re: Links to actual manuscripts? - Shamgar - 07-21-2013

I did some of my own looking lol thanks to the one guy who messaged me, the oldest I found so far is the Peshitta about 5th century (hey which is great if you compare any other ancient document besides the Bible, and the oral tradition was vindicated with the dead sea scrolls, etc.
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I wish I could find somewhere to actually see it though online, but praise God for what we have.

Re: Links to actual manuscripts? - Mike Kar - 07-22-2013

Shamgar and folks,

I also would like links to the Yonan codex and Ambrosianis Codex/Manuscript if you (or any of you know the links to these). I know where I/we can easily find the Khabouris manuscript online as well; and not only the Khabouris manuscript but the Khabouris manuscript Eastern Peshitta/English interlinear.

If anyone knows of links to any of the Peshitta (Eastern) manuscripts, whether English interlinear or not, please let me know. thank you and Yeshua loves you ALL and you are valuable in his eyes. Take care.


Mike Karoules