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Hi, are these pronunciations correct?

Alap (uh-lahp)
Beth (behth)
Gamal (gah-mahl)
Daleth (dah-lehth)
Heh (heh)
Waw (waw)
Zain (zah-in)
Kheth (kkhheth)
Teth (tteth)
Yodh (yoh-dh)
Kap (kahp)
Lamadh (lah-mahdh)
Meem (meem)
Noon (noon)
Simkath (sihm-kahth)
Ain (ah-in)
Payin (pay-in)
Tsade (tsah-dii)
Qoph (qohf)
Resh (rehsh)
Sheen (sheen)
Taw (taw)

Thanks Paul Younan for the free alphabet, it really helps!
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Paul, please clarify these, because proper pronunciation would be greatly appreciated, since you know Syriac....

Re: Aramaic alphabet - Paul Younan - 11-26-2012

I'll respond to this in a bit with sound files and examples. Yes, proper pronunciation is crucial.


Re: Aramaic alphabet - DrawCloser - 12-06-2012

This is difficult with English letters....

"A" as in "ah / uh" or... "a" as in "fat" ???

"E" as in "ee", "ay", "eh"

"O" as in "on" OR as in "note"

Paul, if you happen to have the time, clarifying these pronunciations would be awesome, especially since you are clergy.

Re: Aramaic alphabet - Qadi$aAlaha - 12-06-2012

Shlama DrawCloser
try this

Re: Aramaic alphabet - DrawCloser - 12-06-2012

Ain and Tsade are tricky ones.

I think it is pronounced "ayn", but "ine" or "ah-ihn" are possibilities.

Tsade. The "a" and "e" transliterations remain uncertain. "A" as in "fat" or "A" as in "ah"?? Same with "e", it is either "E as in "ay" or "E" as in "ee"??

Qoph (either qahph or qohph) "O" as in "note" or "o" as in "convict"??

English characters are not good representatives of Aramaic transliterations...

@ Paul, thanks for being willing to add sound files.

- ~DC

Re: Aramaic alphabet - DrawCloser - 12-19-2012

hi Paul, sorry for bothering you, but one last P.M. was sent on this matter. Please read.

Re: Aramaic alphabet - DrawCloser - 12-23-2012

After PM'ing Paul about this, and checking the site - turns out this alphabet is free.

Which leads me to ask..

(1) is this the liturgical / classical or is it the Assyrian alphabet?

Doesn't seem like Neo-Aramaic, but need to know for sure....

Re: Aramaic alphabet - DrawCloser - 12-30-2012

After looking at this:
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Paul's alphabet looks like Neo-Aramaic. From the video, it seems like the alphabet is the "Iraq" version...

Paul, may you please confirm this? Does any CoE person on this forum know?

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