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Word Help - CreationTruth - 05-07-2011


Dalet alef ayin shin alef

left to right

What is this word from the Peshitta?

"Son of man"Mat 8:20

I believe this Means "son of Adam" in the OT ?

I can't find the word on

Re: Word Help - Paul Younan - 05-07-2011

Anasha. It means man. The daleth in front is a proclitic, d', meaning "of".

Breh (son) d'Anasha (of man)

Re: Word Help - CreationTruth - 05-07-2011

Many thanks Paul
I forget about the proclitic letter.
Still new to this.

Re: Word Help - Paul Younan - 05-07-2011

The Proclitics can be a real pain to an English reader. Nothing like them in English to compare to, except perhaps if you think of the Daleth Proclitic as similar to the English Possessive Suffix of apostrophe-s. (the man's car, the teacher's book, etc.)

Daleth - of/his
Beth - in/within/by
Lamed - to

If you don't recognize a word, and it begins with one of these letters, try taking it out and looking for that lexeme. Another complicating factor is that sometimes a word can have multiple Proclitics (most often with a combined Daleth/Beth or Daleth/Lamed) :

d'b'bnay anasha -> "of the sons of men"
d'l'wathan -> "of-to (idiomatically, "towards") us"

Not too bad once you know about the quirks, like any language.

Re: Word Help - CreationTruth - 05-08-2011

I seen the D & L but never the Dual proclitics.


those look difficult to pronounce.

Thanks for the info

Re: Word Help - Paul Younan - 05-08-2011

Here's more confusion <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink1.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->. The pronunciation is as follows:


The beth in the first example is softened to a w.

Re: Word Help - CreationTruth - 05-08-2011

What happened to the second Beth ?
What happened to the first A in Anasha?

is Anasha similar to the Hebrew word for woman?
Ish-shaw Naw-shem


Re: Word Help - Paul Younan - 05-08-2011

Sorry, misprinted that first word. Typing on these little phone screens is a pain.


The aleph is anasha is silent in Aramaic.

Anasha is the biblical character Enosh, son of Seth. In Hebrew the word for humanity is Enoshut. In Aramaic we say (a)nashutha.

Re: Word Help - CreationTruth - 05-08-2011

I got ya.

Thanks paul