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Question on Ephesians 6:12 - Mirchev - 12-19-2007

Hello, this is my first post even thou I read the forum from a time.
I would like to ask about the meaning of the word "conflict" or "wrestle" in Ephesians 6:12 from Aramaic. Does ot carry the meaning of standing against, debate and contradiction, or it is a fight word?
Thank you!

Re: Question on Ephesians 6:12 - yaaqub - 01-03-2008


The Spanish Peshitta that I have uses the word "fight"

"because our fight is not against meat and blood, but against principalities, governors, the possessors of this world of darknesses and against evil spirits"

Murdock has: "For our conflict is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities, and with those in authority, and with the possessors of this dark world, and with the evil spirits that are beneath heaven."

Etheridge has: "your wrestling"

The Lexicon here on (# 10823) has "strife, struggle, contest"

Re: Question on Ephesians 6:12 - Mirchev - 04-02-2008

Thank you!