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Source manuscripts for Word docs - byrnesey - 08-27-2004

Hi there,

Does anyone know what are the source manuscripts for the Word docs on this site of the Aramaic Peshitta? Is it the 1986 Peshitta edition from the COE? The same as for the interlinear? And where can this file be obtained? Was it created by Paul Younan or some other? Is it reliable port of the Peshitta or does it contain errors?

If anyone knows these answers, it would help me a lot.



- Dean Dana - 09-01-2004

Shlama Rich,

I believe it is basically the 1905 Syriac NT used in most bible software. The font was converted to estrangela and the two major changes (Hebrews and Acts) were corrected to conform to the COE Peshitta.

I'm pretty sure ....


- byrnesey - 09-01-2004

Thanks for your response, but I thought it would be the '82 (or 86?) Peshitta text from the COE that Paul seemed to use for the interlinear... Who made those Word docs?

- Ivan P. Ostapyuk - 09-02-2004

Chris, ask Paul Younan, its him who put this text in his website.
And this question is very, very important!!!
I need to know not probable but exact answer for I am going to use this text also.
Let us ask him together.

- byrnesey - 09-03-2004

It is of no use Akhi. Paul does not answer ANY of my questions, even when I have the truest of intentions to promote his work and to promote the Peshitta. I have given up trying to reconcile with people who don't want to. And going by what you say, you are maybe ignored constantly by him because of being "more friendly" to me.

I would love to know the source and scribe but in the great scheme of things, it isn't that vital. Eastern Peshitta is Eastern Peshitta.



- Ivan P. Ostapyuk - 09-04-2004

Chris, there are many other options.

- byrnesey - 09-04-2004

Do you mean you know of other places where you can get the Peshitta in Estrangelo script? Show me! <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

- Ivan P. Ostapyuk - 09-04-2004

I'll email you the answer.