Font Installation Instructions

Microsoft Windows

Font installation for Windows using the Control Panel is summarized below:
  1. Right-click on the hyperlink and choose "Save Target as..." Select a directory to download the font.
  2. Using Program Manager (Windows 3.1, normally found in the Main group) or the Start menu (Windows 95), click on Settings and launch the Control Panel application.
  3. Once the Control Panel is running, double-click on the Fonts icon to bring up the Fonts dialog.
  4. (Windows 3.1) Click on the Add... button to bring up the Add Fonts dialog. (Windows 95) Click on File..., then Install New Font.
  5. Navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded font files. In a few seconds the names of the fonts will appear in the list of fonts.
  6. Select the Estrangelo (V1.1), SIL Galatia, SIL Hebrew and Arabic Web TrueType fonts files (all have the extension .TTF). Click OK. In a few seconds, the fonts will be listed in the Installed Fonts list.
  7. Click on Close.
  8. Close the Control Panel application.
Note that certain applications may not see the new fonts immediately. You may have to quit and restart the application for the fonts to become available.


  1. Download the font by clicking on the hyperlink. Select a folder to download the font.
  2. Open the Fonts folder. Select and drag the font suitcases onto the icon of your closed System Folder.
  3. When it asks whether you want the fonts placed in the Fonts folder, click‘Okay’.