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 Paul Younan EMail Paul YounanCheck IP address of this member "Qnoma Perception"
Mar-12-2002 at 05:32 AM (GMT3)
Shlama all,

I would like to thank Akhan Dean Dana for helping me on the phone with another way to help conceptualize what is meant by Qnoma.

I'm going to post the chart again while I (hopefully) walk you through a (hopefully) helpful explanation.

Qnoma can be likened to levels of perception. What I mean by that is this: Imagine that you are pointing a camera at a crowd of people.

While at the lowest zoom possible, your perception of that crowd of people is very general and very abstract. All you can tell by this low level of zoom is that the crowd is a crowd of people. This level of perception is likened to Kyana, or Nature. It is very abstract and general.

As you zoom in closer, let's say 50% zoom, you can begin to increase your level of perception and actually see individuated instances of that general and abstract Kyana of Humanity. It's a little clearer than at 0% zoom - but you still cannot individualize or personalize anyone. Everyone looks the same at this level of perception. This level of perception is likened to Qnoma. It is a level of perception which allows you to see multiple instances of that general and abstract concept of Kyana.

Now, you zoom in 100% and you can see individual features. You see a blonde-haired man and you see someone else with red hair. You see obese and skinny people. You see someone who looks Italian and others who look Hispanic or African. Your level of perception has now increased to the very specific Parsopa level. Each Parsopa you see is different and has different physical features, personalities, strengths and weaknesses. They are individual and unique Persons.

This is a very abstract explanation and not perfect, but I hope that along with the chart it helps you to conceptualize these three terms a little bit better. And thanks to Akhi Dean again for formulating it.

Fk^rwbw 0ml4




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