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Questions on Koine Greek
Hi Scribe,

There are plenty of works in Koine Greek such as those by Eutuchius. Please note that the Greek of the GNT is remarkably similar to the Greek of the LXX and WAY DIFFERENT to other examples of Koine Greek. I can show you this from research I have done with Joe Viel on conjunction usage in HOT LXX GNT and real Koine Greek works, and Paul and the others here can show you this through grammar.

The conclusion of these two streams of evidences is that the GNT is NOT Koine Greek (nor is the LXX), it is translation Greek (of a Semitic original). Note that both the LXX and GNT also have varying quality Greek throughout, another marker that BOTH are translations.

That the GNT is written in Koine is a lie and an excuse. When actually comparing it to real Koine, you see just how corrupt Bible scholars are. In fact, it is well known that the Koine theory came out of the defense of the Greek from the growing Semitic primacy movement in the middle ages.

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