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Questions on Koine Greek
"Secondly, does anyone know if there has ever been a comprehensive comparison of the grammatical differences between the Greek New Testament and Classical Greek grammar and syntax, showing both the number of differences, and the types and locations of those differences?

John Marucci[/quote]"

Well I had some discusssion and debate threads on Aramaic and Greek primacy. On the web site which is where I get some of my online name. Any way, I was basically advocating Aramaic primacy first from stuff I learned from the late George Lamsa in some of his books then later stuff from this web site.

Anyway on one point, actually something raised in one of the threads here, I was told very patronizingly/ dismissively on one issue. Where a Protestant Seminary student asked a professor about stuff raised on the thread. Anyway, that student relayed back with Great confidence that "yes, the New Testament does follow language rules for Kione (Their are some dialects that use a word order that also is used in Bibical Kione). Like everyday conversation etc. And in most areas does not fit the pattern that one would find coming from a Semitic, or Aramaic translation. Furthermore the style of it fits patterns like something that was dictated" (presumably from the original apostle).

Anyway, I don't think that professor was forced to answer some of the difficult or potentially embarrassing points often raised on this web board if you are a Greek primacist.

Anyway, their were numerous letters, shopping lists, diaries etc. which were found with the Dead Sea Scrolls in Kione Greek and those were a godsend as far as double checking questionable areas of vocabulary and grammar. I haven't heard of any fine comparisons between the two, except for that one Seminary professors dissmisive comments that my opponent on that issue was relaying back to me.

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