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Do you believe in Aramaic Primacy for ALL NT books?
"[ Church of the East manuscripts (those that are least tampered with) do not contain such wild claims that Mark's gospel was written in LATIN! <!-- s:dontgetit: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/dontgetit.gif" alt=":dontgetit:" title="Dont Get It" /><!-- s:dontgetit: --> Not even Greek primacists say that Mark wrote in Latin!

The most important thing from an Aramaic-primact point of view is comparison of the two texts side by side - the translation will stick out like a sore thumb. See all of the examples we have here on the various forums and categories.

Take care.[/quote]"

Yes and I do appreciate your web site for that. If not for your site, I would only have old books by Lamso and folks like Roco Erico to reference. And I actually have a little of a church of the East background. (I was part of a small church which had occidental bishops who came into a diacese from the pevious turn of the century. Which purpose was to remissionize India. Anyway the local Assyrians in my home city san Jose. The bishop here did not want any new comers, since your patriarch mar Dinkah is trying to work out some kind of re-unification thing with Rome. (which led to a few hard feeling at the time, since then I moved on to the Oriental Orthodox). Anyway my iniatial thought of trying to learn from the Assyrians first hand was cuut short. So this web site is the closest thing I have to that.

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