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What is The Lamsa Bible?
The Lamsa Translation is a breath of Holy Spirit and is an easy read ? so much so that an 8-year-old child could read from Genesis to Revelation and understand it with little to no help from others, other than the Holy Spirit of God.

I am aware that there are more than 250 translations of the Bible, more than that number of world languages and probably the same or more in Christian?s interpretations of the translations of the Bible.

But, Why? You would have to ask yourself, are there so many translations when there is only One God, who is ?God the Father, God the Son-Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit.

I have been a Christian or should I more true to Bible say a ?Son of God? since 1977 and have seen and heard Christians, the body of Christ with all the division, bickering, arguing and fussing over ?their? doctrines.

Jesus said His Doctrine was not His but His that sent Him ? God?s ? Right!
And many such things did Jesus say of the Words He spoke and the things He did. It was the Father doing it and giving Him what to say.
It is also said of the Holy Spirit that He would not say His own but only what He hears ? from God ? right?

Doctrine is teaching by use of words ? in this instance we are speaking specifically of God?s Word that is what man is to live by. (Truly only by way of the new birth)

Now, there is one who does speak his own (make them up) and is a liar because he can?t speak the truth because there is no truth in him ? that is the devil-satan.

You should be able to find in most any translation where God says ? Let God be true and every man a liar ? can you see why God said that?

Now those who might not agree with the Lamsa Translation ? where are you getting your doctrine from, considering there is only one source for truth.
Who (or whom) besides the Holy Spirit is giving you your interpretation of God?s Word ?

And if you are having trouble with that, it just tells me you are having trouble hearing God?s voice, the voice of the Good Shepherd, the voice of the Holy Spirit.

If you can?t hear God ? how can you get into agreement with what He is actually saying and meaning?

Man! (and I mean that literally) let God interpret His own Word ? He does know what He is Saying.

So on what authority can you disqualify this translation over others.

I highly recommend the Lamsa Translation of the Holy Bible to any and all who are serious students of the Bible, God?s Word and want to grow truly up to be like the Jesus of the Gospels Sons of God of the Epistles.

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