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Why are there LXX quotes in the Aramaic NT?
The only known source about birth of LXX is the Letter of Aristeas.
Four ancient writers including Josephus claim that there is no other evidence.
It is a question if this letter is credible.
I was exploring this topic and it appears that there is no evidence that LXX existed before Origen,
no manuscripts whatsoever except some Greek translation(s) of part(s) of Exodus. After Origen we have
bunch of the LXX manuscripts. So, probably Origen is creator of the Greek LXX.

St. Jerome picked Hebrew Bible for translation into Vulgate. He complained that Origen borrowed and inserted into LXX
verses and there is no any other LXX text at his time except what was produced by Origen.
Origen did his revision having also Greek NT manuscripts at his hand and did his correction as he thought
is right for him.
So, as for me, the LXX origin and nature is under big question. Plus we have many versions of LXX corrupted
just like corrupted Greek NT manuscripts.

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