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Translation for a newbie! :-)
Hello., i am a recent subsciber and recent studyer of the Peshitta. Since i am completly Aramaic illiterate i would like to harness the power of all of you very educated people. Please here me out as it may sound a bit odd to some, but others may find it enjoyable.

I had a movment with in myself to have artwork done in Aramaic text. (Tatoo) Now although some may find this primal, others may not. And here is where you will come into play. Simply put i was led to 2 things.
1- The specific statement i (moreover God) chose to use
2- How i get this transalation

For a month i pondered what EXACT phrase to use. And then it came to me , once i got the phrases i wanted, i then wondered how in the world i would translate that phrase into Aramaic characters! And thats when i was directed to this site.!
Now since this is a permenant situation, i would like multiple people to respond and naturally if all the responses are the same i would have my official answers and characters. (You can understand the concern as i have no way to confirm anything , i will be solely trusting in you)

Again, some may find this ludicrouse others may not, but i apeal to all.

i thank all of you in advance and i encourage all to reply and contribute as your contribution will directly effect my life in a positive way ( plus it wil give all something to do ) <!-- sConfusedtupid: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/withstupid.gif" alt="Confusedtupid:" title="Stupid" /><!-- sConfusedtupid: -->

Here is the 2 phrases i need, they are both indipendant from one another
And I require 2 separate translations and images.

PLease translate exactly the words i specify.
Phrase 1 - - " Jesus was wounded for my transgressions bruised for my iniquities with his stripes i was healed "
Phrase 2 - - " Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power honour blessing and glory For HE is Holy"

What i exactly need is:
1- the spoken translation of the 2 phrases ( I know the exact words are slightly differnet then the bible texts. But again this is personal to ME
2- the actual Aramaic visual text in some kind of picture format ( or however) so i may copy it.

I thank you all in advance and hope you all enjoy and contribute to this.
You may respond here on the board if you like, or I can provide my email adress if it makes it easyer.

Thank you and God bless. ( and dont make fun of me <!-- sConfusedtupid: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/withstupid.gif" alt="Confusedtupid:" title="Stupid" /><!-- sConfusedtupid: --> )

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