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Quotes from Torrey
Shlama Akhay,

These are pretty strong words that James Trimm has dug up. He quotes Charles Cutler Torrey..... Speaking of the Greek of Revelation, Charles Cutler Torrey states that it "...swarms with major offenses against Greek grammar." He calls it "linguistic anarchy", and says, "The grammatical monstrosities of the book, in their number and variety and especially in their startling character, stand alone in the history of literature." Torrey gives ten examples listed below:

1. Rev. 1:4 "Grace to you, and peace, from he who is and who was and who is to come" (all nom. case)

2. Rev. 1:15 "His legs were like burnished brass (neut. gender dative case) as in a furnace purified" (Fem. gender sing. no., gen. case)

3. Rev. 11:3 "My witness (nom.) shall prophesy for many days clothed (accus.) in sackcloth."

4. Rev. 14:14 "I saw on the cloud one seated like unto a Son of Man (accus.) having (nom.) upon his head a golden crown."

5. Rev. 14:19 "He harvested the vintage of the earth, and cast it into the winepress (fem), the great [winepress] (mas.) of the wrath of God?

6. Rev. 17:4 "A golden cup filled with abominations (gen.) and with unclean things" (accus.)

7. Rev. 19:20 "The lake of blazing (fem.) fire (neut.).

8. Rev. 20:2 "And he seized the dragon (accus.), the old serpent (nom.) who is the Devil and Satan, and bound


9. Rev. 21:9 "Seven angels holding seven bowls (accus.) filled (gen.) with the seven last plagues."

10. Rev. 22:5 "They have no need of lamplight (gen.) nor of sunlight (accus.)."

(Documents of the Primitive Church; Charles Cutler Torey; Harper and Bothers, New York; 1941; p. 156-158)

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