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help Paul finish the work rather than these games
Gentlemen: I have to make a stand here along with others that the verbal torwards one another is really uncalled for, Whatever happened about turning the other cheek in these situations. the use of vulgar slang is another thing that bothers even me, but I'm not criticizing anyone over it unless it's directed to me. I see both sides of this issue and even though I myself am not a believer of the so called 'trinity' I do believe that the father is using you all to bring forth his plans for our future, so I would suggest that the one's that need to, kiss and make up like true brothers. This is not the way we are suppose to be acting even if we dissagree with someone, even if it is of the caliber of the famed mr conder, I myself surely learned a great lesson there. It would be so easy to be hypocritical in these situations but when I get the courage to speak it's of the father and not me. Wisdom will allow a man to swallow his pride and take the good and leave the bad, then paul of course can delete the rest! <!-- s:listen: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/listen.gif" alt=":listen:" title="Listen" /><!-- s:listen: --> Richard
truth is the seekers guide to the bosom of YHWH !

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