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Help! Question about Hebrew vs Aramaic primacy via examples.
Thank you! I can read Greek at an extremely elementary level, and am rusty on Hebrew that I never knew even remotely as well as I did Greek (especially when not transliterated into our alphabet). Needless to say, then, I don't know Aramaic, cannot read Aramaic script, and have trouble as well with the transliterations I have seen that mix numerals and other symbols not in our alphabet, let alone appear to skip transliterating vowel points. With all that said, would you be able to tell me what the Aramaic words are in the gospel passages that Bivin and Blizzard used as examples of Hebrew below? As an utter novice, I would appreciate it if you would give the standard transliteration (the one that looks funky to me) as well as an anglicized one that includes vowels so that I can pronounce them; if there's some equivalent to a Strong's number used in your lexicon or other routinely consulted work on the Aramaic, that would be wonderful.

As I plan to study all this myself, I won't always be so relatively helpless, but it would be very nice at this point if you would indulge me. Thanks again!

The Aramaic equivalent of ochlosim, ???the people of a locality????

The Aramaic equivalent of the Hebrew idiomatic verb karav, ???come near????

The Aramaic equivalent for tzedekah, meaning ???righteousness,??? ???salvation,??? and "alms"?

The two Aramaic words in Matthew 5:42a that mean "ask" for something to be repaid later and "borrow" something that would be returned?

The Aramaic word in Matthew 5:10 equivalent to radaf that Zorba mistranslated as "persecute"?

If I remember correctly, Bivin and Blizzard claimed to have reconstructed the "original" Hebrew by translating the Greek back into Hebrew using a comparison of LXX and Masoretic vocabulary.

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