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Abortion in Prophecy
"For the most part, we can only speculate what Aramaic words <i>Y'shua</i> might have used when speaking to the people. But in this case, I am able to find only one Aramaic word that a Greek speaking person would render as '<i>sterile</i>' in the '<i>barren</i>' or '<i>childless</i>' sense of the word. It is lkt (<i>te-khal'</i>), and it has the same in meaning as the Hebrew word lkv (<i>shaw-kole'</i>). And guess what! It has another meaning... 'to cause, or make abortion.' The Hebrew word can be found in Strong's Concordance Dictionary under #7921. The Aramaic word is found in Gesenius' <a HREF="" target="_blank"><i>Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament</i></a>, published by Baker Book House, under the same numerical code of #7921. <i>See definition (2).</i>"

Now, Scott Nelson, wrote the above while unaware of the Peshitta. So, I'm wondering what word does Luke 23:29 actually use, and can it mean, "to cause, or make abortion."

Shlama, Craig

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