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Acts 10:28 Meaning
Greetings Smile, I am a very unlearned member. Maybe someone can clarify for me this area of scripture. In Acts 10: 28 The interlinear says "It is unlawful for a man Yehudean to associate with a man foreign who is not a son of his tribe".
My questions are these.
Does "Yehudean" mean Jews (a general term as I understand it for "son's" of Israel... Jews). If so, what is the "son of his tribe" that is referred to in the Interlinear. There are twelve "tribes" of Israel, Surely separation from the other 11 tribes is not meant here?.

I have a NT English translation (Janet Magiera version of the Peshitta). In this verse she uses the word "race". Not a good choice of word  in my opinion. Cornelius,  the Centurion and his associates are Gentiles and Simon Peter and his friends are Jews. All one race, are they not?. Is "race" being used as a modern idiom. Wrongly! Is there somewhere in the Tanakh that says Jews should not associate with anyone else other that the sons of Israel? And, What is the "understanding" of Aramaic to English for this verse??

Thanks David Welford
I doubt if there ever was an exact definition of Jehudean, or its corresponding Greek ιουδαῖος, but BDAG has some ideas:

1. pert. to being Judean (Jewish), with focus on adherence to Mosaic tradition [...]

Per Exodus 12:48,49  הגר ha Ger "resident alien" should have been included in this case.

The word translated "tribe" is ܫܪܒܬܗ  . Its Latin and Greek correspondents — genus, φυλη — have no matching word in English. There has been some controversy over East Orthodox bishop Pat. Bartholomeo using the word φυλη in his letters (written in Greek) as his backbiters translate it with "race" into English, so there might be something going on. also shows Murdock translating "race" in Acts 10:28. For the Greek word φυλη "people", "tribe", "nation" or "kind" might work.

To understand what "associate" means,    ܢܩܦ , it is the word used to describe what the "lost son" did when he got employed to watch swine in Luke 15:15.

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