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A Home in Lebanon
Paul Younan Wrote:They are hoping to make it to Lebanon which just announced asylum for the Assyrian Christians.

This quote in another thread was completely startling to me. In all of the insanity piled onto unfathomable insanity, I read that Lebanon - LEBANON! - may be providing a safe haven for Assyrian Christians.

We always assume that there must be something going on behind the scenes in matters such as this since nothing except "behind the scenes" would slow the brutality and interfere with the - dare I say - "Normal" course of events of Blood Murders, Atrocities and so on.

PY: Do you have any other information as to how this small act of Kindness and Sanity occurred?

CW: I am Lebanon.
Hi Charles,

Unbeknownst to many people, Lebanon isn't a Muslim country. It is a Christian country (Christian presidency enshrined in the constitution).

My parents were born there (Beirut) after my grandparents fled the Ottomans in Turkey/Iraq during the last genocide.

About 25% of Lebanon's population are refugees from other middle eastern countries who fled insanity (Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis mainly).

Lebanon has always been a safe refuge for Christianity. The Muslims there are also mainly Shiite, who are also friendlier to Christians than the Sunni radicals (al Qaeda, ISIS, etc).

Hezbollah/Iran in Lebanon and, now Syria and Iraq, actually protects the churches against the Sunnis. I'm sure it's partly because they (the Shia) are also considered apostates by the Sunni fundamentalists.

Thank you.
I've known for some time that the phrase "Lebanese Christian" is almost one word. My first back operation many years ago was completed because one of the surgeons was in that category. He was very committed and a very good man. My surprise is that there are those who make it to Lebanon from where they start, hence what I wrote, "Lebanon!". Maybe I've read Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five too many times. I'm re-reading The Age of Entanglement again and I may have to put it down for awhile.

"War of Attrition". "Collateral Damage". "Convert or Die". We've seen enough of that and we know how it ends - always. I hope that many others are able to find their safety, in Lebanon or elsewhere.


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