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How many people in the continental US can read Aramaic aloud fluently?
Paul Younan Wrote:I'm glad you enjoyed it Tim. It's really rather difficult for most to understand. I hope they had the bi-lingual liturgical book in the pews for you to have followed along.

The Aramaic language isn't quite relegated to museums yet, is it ?

Another interesting tidbit: each parish alter has a different Aramaic phrase in Estrangla script slog the circle above the altar. If you snap a pic, I can translate it. They are extremely uplifting and usually have something to do with the St. Namesake of the parish.
Hi Paul,

I haven't yet taken a pick but intend to. I've been going to services at my new church for a few months now and love it. The chanted, sung, liturgy is still beautiful, and yes, they do have a multi-language book.

Father John has been a Saint and just this last Wednesday recorded my grace for me, and I have written the sounds down in a weird syllabic style I have. When I meet with Father John again I will ask him if he can correct my pronunciation and when that happens I'll be ready to memorize it.

This has all been so good for me, and I have a new congregation out of the deal. Pretty good I'd say, and it's all because of you and others in this forum. My deepest thanks.

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