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Can someone verify this translation, please.
A translation is given for the close up image of this manuscript. Is it accurate for what s written on the page there?

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The Aramaic chicken scratch on that document that is seen via the link you provided is very hard to read. There are misspellings of Aramaic words (i.e. year, one hundred, etc) plus some of the written letters look like other Aramaic letters. The writer likely meant to write: bash-meh (in the year of) ma-ran (our Lord) --- c'thi-wa (written) --- c'tha-wa (book) --- --- day-ra (monastery) i-la-ya (upper) b'nin-weh (in Nineveh) bash-nath (in the year) a-lep (one thousand) u-kha-mish-ma (and five hundred) d'ma-ran (of our Lord).
There are four Aramaic words I cannot make out for sure. Ha-na is the Aramaic word for "this," though I don't see it in the text. I-khi-ra-ya (monk, hermit) may be in the text but misspelled in the feminine. The other Aramaic word for "monk" is day-ra-ya.

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