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Matthew 1:25
From David Bauscher's translation:

"And he did not know her sexually until she delivered her firstborn son, and she called his name Yeshua."- Matthew 1:25

Here is Bauscher's interlinear reading:

(she delivered Him) Dilidata (until) adma (he knew her sexually) khacama (& not) w'la

(Yeshua) Yeshua (His name) Shmeh (& she called) w'qarat (the firstborn) bucara (her Son) l'Breh

This is pretty clear rhyming between bucara (the firstborn) and qarat (she called). I haven't caught a lot of rhyming in the Peshitta before by myself, but I thought you all would like this little example of rhyming found in the Aramaic.

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