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Dead Sea Scrolls
Geza Vermes' Complete DDS in English, Penguin books is a great Into. For almost a 1/2 century he kept presenting newer editions & the last was published a month or so before his death, last year I think. For someone who only wants a superficial into, surf the web. Other names: Florentino Garcia Martinez, by E.J. Brill publishers. Shop online at or I think. But, If you shop in a bookstore, you get to see the book before you BUY; and save on shipping charges which are horrendous these days.
All collections of the DSS, exclude the books that are in our Biblical Canon. If you're interested in DDS books that contain canonical Scripture, you have to buy The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible by Abegg, Flint & Ulrich or dig deep into academic articles & publishers.
I just recently read the article in the Jewish Study Bible about the DDS. Among the Hebrew fragments is proof that some LXX variants did indeed have Hebrew originals. Although this has been known for decades now, I'm still surprised how many people don't appreciate this fact.

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