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Help: sacrifice Messiah
I would like to ask three plain and simple (but actually really difficult) questions:
1. How come that YHVH himself needed to come, as the Messiah ben Yoseph, in the flesh, to die?
2. What did the death of Messiah accomplished and what was it good for?
3. And what is it for that He did established the Briet HaChadasha?

What is the sum of these three answers, that the sum of Torah, Yom Kippur, Korbanot, Good Works like described in Ezekiel 18:4 & 21-22 (actually the whole chapter); Ezekiel 33:19 and Walking His Way and obeying His voice with all our heart, mind, sould and all that we got, can't quite do for us, so that it became nessasary for YHVH to do this for us?

It's the most honest question i could ask, and it's important for me to find a decent answer on al these points, so i'll be able to understand and grasp the meaning why YHVH did this, this way.

Hopefully the answer is here...

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