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A good day for Aramaic and the Peshitta!!
Calling all Aramaic enthusiasts!

Everyone on this forum knows about the case for Aramaic and the Peshitta in particular. But this information is scattered across numerous books, articles, forum posts and so on. It is often difficult to present this information to new people, who might believe in Greek primacy, in a way that presents the case for Aramaic quickly and convincingly.

For that reason, for almost a year now I have been working on a very special website which will bring Aramaic and the Peshitta to the masses. I want to bring Aramaic to the entire Christian world, in a big way, and to make the case for Aramaic in a non-threatening way.

I would therefore like to tell you all about an exciting new website called which I believe everyone on this forum will be very interested in learning about. There are lots of ways we can help each other as we promote the gospel message, and the case for Aramaic and the Peshitta in particular. is a new high-quality video website, dedicated to teaching and promoting Aramaic, and leading Bible believers everywhere back to a more authentic, Bible-based Christianity. It offers a large and growing number of online audio-visual lessons about all aspects of Aramaic and the Holy Scriptures, helping you to understand Aramaic and how it can benefit your study of the Bible. We have fascinating online videos explaining the history and background of Aramaic, and amazing step-by-step videos introducing you to every single letter of the Aramaic Alphabet and how to write it, in both Ashuri and Estrangela scripts.

The online video lessons explain the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament, Biblical Aramaic, the Targums and the Peshitta Old Testament. If you long for a deeper love and knowledge of the Holy Bible, is everything you have been searching for. New videos are still being added regularly, and over the next few months I plan to put up a series step by step videos showing why an understanding of the Aramaic Peshitta helps explain and resolve literally hundreds of problems and conflicts in the text of the Greek New Testament.

A knowledge of Aramaic is the key that will enrich your understanding of the New Testament and the Bible, and provides the foundation needed to open up the rich and fascinating world of Aramaic to everyone.

Producing a new website of this quality cannot really be done for free, and so the site is based on a subscription model. However, due to the long connection I have with this forum, I want to make everything half-price for members. Anyone from this forum who subscribes will either get double the usual subscription length they pay for, or get it half-price. Just contact me via the website to arrange it!

I have met hundreds of people over the years who say they would love to learn Aramaic, but they didn't know where to go, or they didn't know how to get started. This website is the best possible place to start and provides you with everything you need!

If you have a website related to the Bible, you may be kind enough to link to from your website, so that together we can help spread the message about Aramaic.

Together, let's create an army of qualified and knowledgeable Aramaic Peshitta experts, and let's bring Aramaic to the mainstream world! Aramaic needs to regain its rightful place once again!


Ewan MacLeod
I've been talking to Steve Caruso about how absent Aramaic studies have been in scholarship for a long time. I've looked at your website before and really enjoyed it! I discuss the Peshitta and Aramaic quite a bit on my blogs:
I like the website also but $49.95 per month? I like FREE.
I find the site to be very well done. And I believe for ten dollars more you get 3 months. Worth it to me. I have learned much from the site. It grows quickly too as the teacher uploads new material regularly.

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