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Younan Interlinear in Print
I finally got a copy of Akhan Paul's masterful Interlinear translation of the Peshitta Gospels. I am always extremely nervous when using it because of the spiral binding. Have you ever thought about making a paperback or hardback edition, Paul? It would probably be more expensive but definitely worth it. Also, when do you plan on updating the readings you have mentioned wanting to correct (like the Peshitto reading in Matthew 21)?
Where can this be purchased?

It only took two or three days for it to arrive in the mail. I've read through it around two times. Very, very, very good interlinear by a native speaker. Dr. George M. Lamsa (Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text) and Vic Alexander (Aramaic Scripture) are also native Aramaic speakers who have translated the Aramaic Peshitta.
Anytime! Be blessed!

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