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Narrative clause of Luke 22:43-44 in Tatian's Harmony?
Would someone be able to let me know if the account (in Luke 22:43-44) of an angel strengthening Jesus while he was in agony and sweating (as were) drops of blood - is in Tatian's Harmony of the Gospels, please??

If memory serves me correctly - from previous discussions here on this forum Tatian's Harmony of the Gospels is an early version of the Gospel narrative; say around 170-180 A.D. or maybe even sooner.

Would someone pin down the date for me little closer, if possible? And would any of you be able to verify if Tatian recorded the text of Luke 22:43-44 as genuine and authentic (in his gospel version) where Jesus was in agony and drops of blood (or as drops of blood) was coming down his face?

Thank you kindly.

Mike Karoules
Yes. It is in Tatian, in section 48 in the Diatessaron"

I will quote it later.

tks, Mike
Excuse me please. Got interrupted.

Here is the quote from Tatian's Diatessaron (again) in section 48:

"And there appeared unto him an angel from heaven, encouraging him. And being afraid he prayed continuously. And his sweat became like a stream of blood, and fell on the gound. . . ."

More later.

I raised this issue because I was watching a certain YouTUBE debate (textaul criticism of New Testament related ) and one of the participants (arguing in favor of the New Testament as reliable and trustworthy ) stated that this narrative which is found in Luke 22:43-44 was a rather late addition to the text of the New Testament and, therefore, should not be in the text. But I recalled that Justin Martyr quoted it and remember reading it the Eastern Peshitta version. Tatian 's mention of it in his text ( the Diatessaron ) would all but settle the issue for me. It is therefore highly improbable that these 2 verses was an addition by later hands.

Still don't know for sure the date range when the Diatessaron was written. If anyone has a pretty good handle on this please let me know. I will go with 170-190 AD, but no later than 205 AD.



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