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James Scott Trimm in Car Crash
I found out about this quite by chance via Facebook as I haven't spoken to him in nearly 10 years.

For those of you who are familiar with him and his writings or have discussed or debated with him in the past, about an hour ago James Scott Trimm was involved in a bad car crash. His wife wrote:

Quote:My husband was involved in a major car accident about an hour ago. The car is totalled and he was flipped upside down. He was hit pretty hard. They had to break the car window to get him out. He is conscious and able to talk but is in extreme amount of pain. He's off in xray and I'm awaiting further information. PLEASE pray for him. Pray for strength for me. I need it. Will update when I can. -- Kitty Trimm
Thanks for posting Akhi. Prayers for thanks that he was pulled out alive and for a speedy recovery for our brother James.

I agree. I appreciate his work for God, let him recover quickly.
Out of the mouth of Trimm:
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