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Errors in the Younan Interlinear
I'm working on my own English-syntax version of the Interlinear Gospels for my own use. I plan to print one copy for myself on Lulu or Amazon. I'm aware of the Lawrence Sheets version but I thought I'd do it by myself. I've noticed some things that seem like they need to be adjusted in the Interlinear. I'm only doing this because you encourage people to help find stuff in the Interlinear so we can make it (an already fantastic work) better. <!-- sBlush --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/blush.gif" alt="Blush" title="Blush" /><!-- sBlush --> Here is my list so far:

Mattai 1:11- Change ?in the captivity of Babel? to ?during the captivity of Babel?.
Mattai 1:20- Change ?For he that is begotten in her from the Holy Spirit? to ?For he that is begotten in her [is] from the Holy Spirit?.
Mattai 2:2- Change ?Jews? to ?Yehudeans?, as it is in the rest of the Interlinear.
Mattai 2:8- ?Go on, inquire the boy? should be ?Go on, inquire [for] the boy?
Mattai 2:11- ?Myrrh? is misspelled as ?Myrhh?.
Mattai 2:16- ?Beth-Lekhem? should be underlined.
Mattai 2:12- Change ?And was shown to them in a dream? to ?And [it] was shown to them in a dream?.
Mattai 2:22- Change ?And was revealed to him? to ?And [it] was revealed to him?.
Mattai 3:1- Change ?And would preach in the desert of Yehuda? to ?And [he] would preach in the desert of Yehuda?.
Matthew 4:4- Change ?Proceeds? to ?Proceed?.
Matthew 5:10- The footnote mark on ?persecuted? needs to be reformatted.
Matthew 5:13- ?But if that the salt? should be ?But if [it shall be] that the salt?. ?Not for anything is fit? should be ?Not for anything is [it] fit?.
Matthew 5:21- ?That is was said? should be changed to ?That it was said?. ?Judgment? is also misspelled as ?Judgement?.
Matthew 6:19- Change "Should not place" to "[You] should not place".
Matthew 7:17- Change "Like this every a tree a good bears pleasing fruit, but a evil tree bears evil fruit" to "Like this every good tree bears pleasing fruit, but an evil tree bears evil fruit."
Matthew 7:18- Change "A evil tree" to "An evil tree". Change "An evil tree not to bear good fruit" to "An evil tree [is] not [able] to bear good fruit."
Matthew 8:1- Change "Iskhaq" to "Aeskhaq" in this verse, or "Aeskhaq" to "Iskhaq" in Matthew 1:2.
Matthew 8:13- Change "As you have believed will be to you" to "As you have believed will [it] be to you".
Matthew 9:9- Change "Matti" to "Mattai".
Matthew 10:40- "Whoever accepts me accepts to him that sends me" should be "Whoever accepts me accepts him that sends me."
Matthew 11:22- Change "That on Tsur and Sidan will be more tranquil..." to "That on Tsur and Sidan [it] will be more tranquil..."
Matthew 11:25- If I'm not mistaken, Mara is in the emphatic state, therefore it should be translated as "the Lord", rather than just "Lord".
Matthew 11:28- Change "Labour" to "Labor".

Here are some other things mentioned by you and other people on the board just for good measure:

Matthew 21:4- Change "This happened" to "All this happened" in order to make it fit with the Peshitta.
John 1:18- Change "Only begotten [of] God" to "Only begotten God". "The only God" or "the unique God" are also possible readings.
John 14:16- Change "Redeemer" to "Comforter", "Advocate", or even better, transliterate the Aramaic for Paraqlita.

That's all I have for now, but as I find stuff I'll add them to the list. I was wanting to ask you, Paul, if you have an estimate on when we can expect Acts 17? Not trying to be impatient, I'm just exited to have the Gospels and Acts translated fully, in an impartial fashion, by an Aramaic speaker. It'll be a great day when the Interlinear is completed. Do you plan on adding the Western Five to the Interlinear in another section? Thank you for your hard work in Peshitta studies!

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