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Seeking insight on Janet Magiera's Messianic Aramaic NT
This is all very helpful. What makes things a bit difficult to navigate for me is that I have encountered a site on the web run by people who very much consider themselves Torah-following believers in Yeshua yet who say their God is the same as the Muslim Allah (if I've understood correctly). So when I see someone use the term "Alaha" (or similar) to refer to YHWH, even though it may be linguistically neutral, it does make me wonder. ...and also, to tell me that Janet is indeed a follower of Yeshua doesn't slam-dunk it for me. I guess I just need to clarify...Although Janet Magiera (and the others mentioned in that same vein) are believers in Yeshua, does she (and do they) decidedly *not* believe that the Muslim allah and YHWH are the same entity? (Don't mean to offend any Muslims out there; just want to clarify.)

Also, did I understand someone say that she doesn't use "Alaha" in the messianic version, but only MarYah? ...but she does use "Alaha" in the regular version?

I'm not sure if I'm following how the translation process went. I may be all mixed up, but I was thinking I understood that there there places in the Aramaic where it uses a word pronounced "Alaha" -- as a more generic term, even if used as a name, the way we use God with a capital G -- and some places where it uses a word pronounced "MarYah", referring by title-then-name to "Master Yahweh" and also some places where the Aramaic just uses "Mar," which is just a title for "Master." Am I correct about that? If so, then I would think a literal translation with key Aramaic words inserted would use all three. her messianic translation, if she didn't use "Alaha" is it that she inserted MarYah when in the Aramaic it truly had said "Alaha?" I making this question clear?

Also -- switching topics slightly -- it was helpful hearing that Janet and certain others are "of the Lamsa tradition," so to speak. Would it be too much to ask for someone to spell out, basically, what are all the Aramaic translations out there and which ones are coming from certain "streams." I'd especially appreciate knowing any particular beliefs that might set certain streams or translators apart from others. (Not to disparage but for awareness' sake.) Since I don't know Aramaic at all and would be depending on the translator, it'd be helpful for me to know what particular angle each translator is coming from. ...not that anyone would intentionally bias a translation, but it seems it could almost be very difficult *not* to do so at least to a small extent as allowed with the choice of meanings for given words.

Thanks for all the help.


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