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Seeking insight on Janet Magiera's Messianic Aramaic NT
Allah is simply the Arabic word for "God", which Muslims, for lack of a better word, hijacked for use in their religion. She was rendering it as Alaha ("The God") the way she has because that is the pronunciation of the Aramaic word for "God" in the Syriac Aramaic dialect in which the Peshitta is written. She refers to God as MarYa in the Messianic Edition, and Jesus as Yeshue Meshikha. The title of God, "Holy Spirit", is transliterated as Rukha d'Qudsha. Janet Magiera does believe in YHWH of the Holy Scriptures and in His Messiah and Son Jesus of Nazareth. Alah is an Aramaic word also (which is the root of the Arabic Allah), which means "god" (lower case is used because it is lacking the definite article of alef or "a" at the end of it). Alaha (God) is only used when speaking about MarYa (Lord YHWH) and Maran Yeshua Meshikha (Our Lord Jesus the Messiah) in the Peshitta. I highly recommend Janet Magiera's Messianic Edition, as well as the Standard Edition (primarily because of the footnotes). I prefer the Messianic Edition's translation (which is only different in the fact that it transliterates important Aramaic words). Magiera's three-volume Vertical Interlinear of the Aramaic Peshitta is a must-have also.

Her translation reads almost the exact same way as the Way International's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament and the accompanying "Word-For-Word Translation". Both are literal translations, but the Way International's translation is the most literal of the two as far as I can tell. Since Janet studied under a student of George Lamsa, her translation and interlinear make great companion pieces to the Lamsa Bible. I consider Janet Magiera's Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation, Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Vertical Interlinear, The Way International's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament, and Rocco Errico's The Message of Matthew to all be "descendants" of George Lamsa's Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text. All of these translations are in some way influenced by George Lamsa's work. Victor Paul Wierwille (founder of the Way International) has Lamsa stay in his house frequently, Janet Magiera (as stated before) studied under one of George Lamsa's students, and Rocco Errico was George Lamsa's protege (also the only student to receive a degree from him). The translations of Janet Magiera and the Way International are both superior to the translations of George Lamsa and Rocco Errico. I highly recommend them.

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