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New Aramaic music
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know there is a new CD of Aramaic music available now:

"Selected words of Jesus and hymns of the Apostles from the New Testament in the original Aramaic. This unique 14 track album shows how the sayings of Jesus were originally in poetic verse form and intended to be sung. Comes with a full-size booklet which includes the original Aramaic text transliterated into ?Roman? letters written from left to right in order to be more easily understood by a western audience. Beneath the Aramaic text is an interlineated word-for-word English translation, so no prior knowledge of Aramaic is required to follow along with the music and understand what is being said! (see a sample page from the booklet below). This CD and booklet set is an excellent tool for learning the Aramaic language! Also included is a detailed Aramaic pronunciation guide, and an introductory discussion of the Aramaic language, poetry and song of Jesus, which explains what the Aramaic New Testament is and why it is so essential for truly understanding the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles."

If you are interested, as I think many people in this forum would be, you can find out more about this CD here:

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Thank you and God Bless.
Thanks for the news...I plan on getting this. Very good.


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