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real translatio
hi in genesis 16 hagar sees an angel but later in verse 13 claims to have seen God. What is the word for angel in the aramaic. As i know in the other bibles angel should just be translatedmessenger. A similar case is in genesis 32 with jacob see verse 30.Thank you
Malak/Malake = Messenger/Messengers. In context, either a human messenger, or a heavenly messenger. In these passages though, "The Malak of MarYa", is said to be none other than The Word/Miltha of Alaha, pre-incarnate, by the early Church teachers who taught was always The Messiah, speaking and revealing The Father's will to mankind in the OT times.

Agree with Chuck.

Malak (angel) could just as well (better) be translated messenger. Sometimes as the story progresses, the messenger winds up to be YHVH himself. The last of the minor prophets is named (in hebrew) Malachi, meaning "my angel" but there is a very real sense in which all prophets are "malake" i.e.; angel/messengers.

In the book of Numbers in the story of Balaam, Moses writes that YHVH sent to Balaam a malak to be a satan unto him. Satan (hebrew) or satana (aramaic) would best be translated adversary. (Num. 22:22 is the reference.)

The same applies to acts 12:15. As if an angel (malak) would knock on the door and not get inside of the assembly <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile --> Of course, they assumed a human messenger of Peter was knocking at the door.

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