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Re: Mark 1:1 and Midrash

I copy here my post from my other topic

The text in English reads : "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God"
The peshitta has : resha dewangelion d'yeshu' mshi'ha bre d'alaha. In fact with the punctation found in the peshito the text is

resha dewagelion d'yeshu' mshi'ha
bre d'alaha

where the last two word aren't said in the same breath. Why?
Because this text is a midrash of Genesis 1 1.
How begin Genesis in hebrew ? Bereshit bara elohim... (In the begining created God...)
Compare with "resha [] bre [] alaha". ^^

every gospels bennin (except Luka) with a link to Genesis (Matthew with the toledoth cf Genesis 2:4 & 5, John with bereshit cf Genesis 1:1). And Mark in the same way. Reshit of the ewangelion of Jesus the Messia, created God,... when God created the heavens and the earth in Genesis, it was through Jesus.

All the NT is (according to the Father Frederick Guigain, maronite priest, and specialist of the Apostolic orality) a "midrash" of the OT. Jesus preached according the Parashat read in the synagogue.

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