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Essay Concerning the New Testament
Scorpio (folks),

In some theological circles there is discussion as to what is meant by being "given" the Gift of the Holy Sp.'t in reference to passages like Acts 2:33, Acts 2:38 , Acts 10:45 and the term in a few places elsewhere in the epistles like Romans 1:11. Some state that the Gift of the Sp.'t is not the Holy Sp.'t Himself but what the Holy Sp.'t gives. IOW, in this view it is the Holy Sp.'t that gives something to the believer. But the majority view is that the Gift of the Holy Sp.'t is the Holy Sp.'t Himself.

what is the position from the Aramaic Peshitta point of view?

I think, taken from the Aramaic Peshitta reading (Acts 2:33, here the Promise is the Gift; see also Acts 10:45) the Gift is the Holy Sp.'t Himself and NOT something that the Holy Sp.'t gives. This is the majority view.

Also, since I / we are on this issue I would like to ask about Romans 1:11 where Paul says, according to the English translation , something like he (Paul) is eager to visit the church at Rome and impart to them the "Gift" of [the] Sp.'t.

So, does this mean that the Roman believers did not yet have the "Gift" of the Sp.'t and, would this scenerio be a head on contradiction to what Paul said about the INDWELLING (of the Sp.'t) over in Romans 8:1-14 or 1-15 ?

Also, is it not true , anyway, that believers are given the "Gift" of the Sp.'t upon placing their faith in Jesus? as at least somewhat (clearly) stated in Acts 5:32? Do not believers in the church at Rome presently have the Holy Sp.'t at the time Paul was writing the letter. What goes on here?

In Romans 1:11 is not Paul talking about the Holy Sp.'t Himself? The King James Version (English) reads as - "some SPIRITUAL GIFT" so at first there is no problem with this wording. Pleas share your thoughts and reflections.


Mike Karoules
Ok Mike...what is up with the way you spell Sp.'t in English... Why not spell it Spirit?

For Romans 1:11 Lamsa has:
"For I long to see you to impart to you the gift of the Spirit, in order that you may be strengthened by it.
I believe that we are to be continually renewed by the gift of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 5:18 says, "And do not be drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit." (The Way translation). I believe the gift of the Spirit is not just a one-time experience, it is to be continually occurring in the life of the believer. I am not talking about the gift of tongues (which I do believe is available today), but having a new experience with the Lord Jesus Christ to give you the strength to go on in the faith.

I believe in what you stated as well. I think you are dead on about that. But here is the thing ; the believers at the church of Rome did not need the apostle Paul for this. In this context, pertaining to the "Gift of the Spirit" there is something else. I believe the context shows something else here. But we today as well as the church of Rome (back ) then can be renewed by the Holy Spirit w/o presence of an apostle.

So, maybe Paul is referring to fuller measure of the Holy Spirit or the miraculous measure much like in Acts 19:1-9 or Acts 8:14-15,16.

In Acts 19 remember Paul asking the disciples, "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when/ since you believed? "


Very astute of you, Brother.

Thank you for the complimentary words. I do think that is what it is in this case. And the fact that Paul wished for them the gift of the Holy Spirit (miraculous measure ) means that they had the indwelling Holy Spirit in them, I would think.

Take care,

I love this article, it is a great explanation about the Minority Text and the conflict with the Majority Text. I wish we could have an Tanakh translation from the Masoretic Text and a Brit Hadashah translation from the Peshitta rendering the original Semitic context of the text. That would be a great Bible.

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