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Essay Concerning the New Testament
Quote: According to the tradition of Eastern Christians, the 22 Aramaic New Testament Books of the Peshitta were delivered from Apostles to believers in Odessa, Mesopotamia, in the year 78 A.D.
I think it is Edessa, Odessa is in south Ukraine.
Quote:It is noteworthy that the Greek Majority New Testament Text is actually in general agreement with the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament. Hence, that Peshitta text used by Assyrian Christians today generally confirms the Majority Greek Text. However, there are some variations and word differences that indicate that the Peshitta is the original text.
About 8 month ago I was reading some article on the Internet that Greek Church actually preserved the true text of the New Testament and what other versions exist that is because different heretics produced them. Therefore, no wonder that it matches or almost matches to Peshitta.
Sometimes I wonder why people are chasing these anonymous Greek texts-versions not caring who produced them. I do not like things originating from darkness.

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