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Alans, Alani vs Elamites
I was wondering if Alani, mentioned in Acts 2:9 are the same people as the Elamites. Well, they are NOT and their territory Alani was not Iran but what today is called Ossetia. They were An Ossetian tribe (with roots from Iran). In their native language, the name 'alani' even still exists. (republika tsegat, iriston-alani)

Just for those who want an accurate translation from the Peshitta, it is better not to translate to 'Elamites' but to Alani (Latin) or 'Alans' (English plural)

I will try to make the rendering of 'Elam' likely to be the wrong rendering and the Peshitta has it right (again!). The reason is the context. We see that the verse is speaking about languages. However, Elamite language already died out ages before the 1st century (See <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) in addition, the Persian power called themselves Persians, not 'Elamites'. So, if there is any historical reference to the 'elamite' identity (a well known figure who called himself so) I would like to know.

However, Alani (ossetian) language is still an existing language.

In addition, there is huge discussion what exactly 'Elamite' language is. For instance, Croats and Serbs are people who moved from Iran to Illyria (Yugoslavia/Servia/Croatia) and there are lots of other unique languages that derived from that region. So in short, there is no single identifiable 'elamite' language, and neither a politicial entity in the 1st century which was called 'Elam'.

So, if Acts 2:9 speaks about Jews and proselites (giurim) it clearly speaks about the different languages that people suddenly could hear speaking by Galileans after receiving the holy spirit!

This was Elam.
[Image: Elam_localisation.png]

The Alans homeland is circled in black here.
[Image: alani.png]

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