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The Golden Ratio (phi) in the Peshitta
In addition to words, the ancient text of the gospel can be read as a string of numbers (aleph =1; bet =2? tav =22) ? this is called ?gematria?. Using gematria, you can calculate the numerical value of any passage of the gospel, and awesomely...

The golden rule in the Peshitta calculates to 618, the golden number! In the ancient Peshitta text of Matthew 7:12, Yahshua gives the ?golden rule? (?All that you desire that men should do to you, so also do to them, for this is the law and the prophets?), and his words here add up to 618 exactly, which is the number representing the golden ratio (phi = .618), also called the golden number or divine proportion.

[Image: golden-ruler-matthew-7-12.jpg]

Aramaic scholars here at will be pleased to know that this calculation is based on the most reliable ancient text we have, the Khabouris Codex, where the term ?bnynSha? is scribed faithfully in the ancient scroll, visible here:; by contrast, the later western Peshitto texts that I?ve seen have added an aleph in between bny and nSha, and so these Peshitto texts appear to suffer a mathematical error as evidenced by this gematria calculation (golden rule = golden ratio).

Consider the mystery of the golden ratio. It is found in a beautiful woman?s body, it is found in the great pyramid of Giza, it is found in the sunflower ? it is the embodiment of a beautiful ratio (1:1.618) represented throughout life in the known universe, and we can find it in the Peshitta too.

[Image: golden-ratio-10.jpg]

[Image: m51-golden-ratio.jpg]

[Image: golden-ratio-12.gif]

The layman?s meaning of phi is not difficult to understand ? phi occurs in a system whenever the ratio of the smaller part to the larger is the same as the larger part to the whole. Here is an illustration:

[Image: golden-ratio-12.jpg]

How does phi relate to the gospel message? I'll offer a theory - if you are a smaller iteration of phi energy vibrating (phi-brating) and you are sent on a mission from your harmonious larger iteration of phi energy, then you will accurately represent the larger in the way that you (the smaller) interact with beings even smaller than you. In doing so, you (Yahshua) will reveal to those beings (lost sheep of Israel) how they can begin to know the larger (YHVH) and the whole (the universe) by first appreciating the lesser (Yahshua?s example). In this theory of interpretation, phi is like a narrow path that is beautiful and creates optimally efficient life and structures in the observable universe, whereas the path outside of phi is wide and that path is scattered and inefficient and does not lead to life. So phi is a key part of the character of the kingdom of heaven, just as certain Fourier transforms (for example) would be a part of that mathematical character.

Yahshua said that whatever we measure will be measured back to us. We can be literal with that ? we can measure phi and hope it will be measure back to us, because it is found throughout life in the known universe. Do we seek Yahshua with honest hearts if we ignore his character as a physician healing the sick? Phi heals the sick. Do we seek the Father fully if we are too lazy to research his character as a mathematician completing our equations?

Perhaps if we dare add even a single aleph to the gift of the gospel (as many later texts do with Matthew 7:12), we run the risk of distorting our appreciation of Yahshua?s energy harmony with the Father. And in a world where the golden ratio evidences life, our transgression from the literal word puts us further out of harmony with Yahshua (the lesser), and therefore out of harmony with his Father (the greater), and therefore out of harmony with the whole (universe), to the extent we seek life.

Here on this thread I can plan to post more phi connections to the Peshitta - phishitta <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink1.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink --> For example, note that the two-edge sword & shepherd?s staff secretly encoded in the Peshitta version of the Book of Revelation harmonizes with phi (Fibonacci spiral)...

[Image: Temple-Mount-Phi-Sword-Staff.jpg]
what your calculus says about
Heb. 2:9 as to
Peshitta/Peshitto variation?
Thanks for your question. At this time I?m unable to discern any mathematical meaning from either value of Shaul?s words in Hebrews 2:9 -- in the Khabouris codex, the total is 992, whereas in the Peshitto the total is 971.

Here?s one for you though - consider the connection between the golden ratio (Phi) and Lazarus in the Gospel of John at Chapter 11?
  • 15 stadia (astduta) is written in John 11:18 as the distance between Yahshua and Lazar.
    15 stadia = 9900 feet.
    9900 feet x the golden ratio Phi (1.618) = 16018.
    16018 can be symbolic for Phi going dead (0 in the middle), then coming back to life.
    In the gospel of John at chapter 11, Yahshua stayed with Lazar for 2 days while he was alive, then Yahshua departed to Judea and Lazar died, and then when Yahshua returned so did Lazar because Yahshua called him out from the house of the grave.

[Image: fringe_horn_embed.png]

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