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Victor Alexander's Aramaic New Testament
Just to note: I have checked back recently with Victor Alexander's translating work, and noticed that he has come out with a new version now. And one verse that I had questioned him about in 2012 has been changed in this new version, and now is more correct. At first it looked as he would not change it, as we talked in email, but he has with this new version.

Matthew 28:1

His old version: 1. Then in the evening of the week when Sunday was coming to an end*, there came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, to see the tomb.

His new version: 1. Then as the Sabbath had ended and the first day of the week had begun*, there came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, to see the tomb.

*28:1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "In the evening of the Sabbath, as the Khaw-sheeba (Sunday) was taking over."

Also, in his new version, He now uses "Eashoa M'sheekhah" for Jesus Christ, "Maran Eashoa M'sheekhah" for our Lord Jesus Christ, "Maryah" for Lord and "Allaha" for God.

And this is pretty strange to me, but, on October 31st this year, Victor has started himself a new Church, and is asking for donations to help him get his new translations out to more people, and to help him make new movies/videos about the life of Jesus. He is asking for half a million dollars, and he seems to see himself as an Apostle of some sort, with starting his new "apostolic church". I take it then that he no longer is part of The Church of the East?

He is calling his new church, "The Ancient Aramaic Church" and by sending him donations, he will make you a "charter member" of his new "apostolic church".

This all seems pretty strange and wrong headed to me. Why not just start an online fund drive to help get his translations to more people, and help make his videos about the life of Jesus, without trying to start a new "church"? Anyway, here is his page where this is talked about.

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And it looks like he has decided to make his new translations available to everyone now online, which can be read at the right of his new bible home page at the link below. Before if you wanted to read his old translation, you had to send a donation to read them online, or buy the printed edition.

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