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Victor Alexander's Aramaic New Testament
Shalom~Shlama~Shlomo~Salaam ScorpionSniper2, :-)

Victor Alexander's New Testament is a mixture of amazingly good and amazingly bad. A case in point would be Romans 1:26 where from Greek-to-English you would have "left to degraded passions." But fortunately Victor Alexander sees through the smoke and translates "abandoned them to venereal diseases." The Aramaic phrase in question is "Kaba d'Tsera" where 'kaba' has the primary meaning of "medical condition" with dictionary synonyms such as disease, sickness, malady, infirmity, etc. The remainder of the phrase, "d'Tsera" means "of disgrace" or "of shame". Since the passage in question is hitting the topic of homosexuality head on, "disgraceful diseases" would quite naturally be translated (or paraphrased) in modern English vernacular as "venereal diseases." So in this instance, Victor Alexander hits a home run with the bases loaded. :-) However.....there's the down side...and I wish I could remember the passage of Scripture where he incorporates the phrase "heaven's revenge" because it was a horrible translation mistake based on a mistaken, hurried reading of a word root.

Shlama w'Burkate, Bro. Larry Kelsey

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