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Were some parts of the Peshitta altered?
Hi, I noticed something different about the Peshitta....

I noticed the Peshitta uses "Lord" a lot less than the Greek text, like more of "My Lord" or "Our Lord" where Greek just has "kurios".

Examples among many: "And if you shall confess with your mouth our Lord Yeshu, and shall believe with your heart, that God has raised him from the dead; you shall be saved." ; "And they, when assembled, asked him and said to him: Our Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?"

Also: "My Lord, who has believed our report?"; "The woman said to him: My lord, you have no bucket, and the well is deep.; how have you living waters?

These among many are just "kurios" in the Greek text.

Could Zorba have misread the Yudh (mari) and the Nun (maran) many times?

Or perhaps the Greek could be revealing an earlier recension of the Peshitta text, unlike our Peshitta...

Paul, or other Aramaic speakers, could someone answer the thing about the Yudh and the Nun?

This about the Peshitta interested me for a while...

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