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Were some parts of the Peshitta altered?

I think this makes way for a very early (1st century) translation of an original which was written using Hebrew Square script to a Greek source. The mistake is ancient and later on, never corrected.
When the Peshitta was penned, at some time it was copied from a hebrew script to a Aramaic-Syrian script, this mistake was not made.

G.D. Bauscher gives a very viable possibility it could have looked like this in the 1st century:
[Image: rom5v7.png]

Another thing I would like to comment on is the phrasing 'altered'. I seriously doubt there is any exegetical discussion or schism in the early church about Romans 5:7. There have been counsils, of Calchedon for instance, to which we can relate to certain verses in the NT but Romans 5:7? Do you know any?
The right word should be 'mistakes'. Scribal errors are likely to occur, but alterations are rare.

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