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Luke 10:18

Luke 10:18 "I saw Satan fall as lightning from heaven" was said in response to 70 disciples saying ?Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.? In Greek, the word for fall is 'pipto' which is usually translated "fall", but the Strong's translation admits a possible option could be "to descend", or as a metaphorical "fall" as in defeat, i.e. the way an army 'falls' to its enemy.

If "fall" was intended, this would be a warning to not follow satan's fate, matching earlier caricatures of him, assuming the parable of the King of Bavel is in fact an anecdote about satan (Isa. 14:12). Revelation 12:10 is another such illustration.

However, if "descend" was intended, this would show the eagerness (quickness) of satan to challenge the 70. This would match other behaviors of spirits, i.e. the volunteering lying spirit (1 Kings 22:19-22) or satan himself (Luke 22:31).

I was wondering if anyone could provide an insight to the Aramaic rendering of the word "fall" in Luqa 10:18? Is there a possibility it could be "descend"? Is the Aramaic as ambiguous as its Greek counterpart 'pipto'?

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