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Why does Hebrew and Greek appear in Pilatos' sign?
IPOstapyuk Wrote:
Quote:Estrangelo, the script for the NT, developed in Edessa, did not exist in Jesus time. So, what Paul means, Jewish Aramaic was written using Hebrew Square script.
Really? Any proof? I do not think there is a proof.

Jesus and the Apostles were Galileans who used own Galilean dialect different from Judean.
Galilea was called Suristan. I assume that the language was just like in Syria and the script was Estrangela.

Aramaic during Jesus times is to be called Hebrew, and Paleo Hebrew is called Old Hebrew.
So, the puzzle is solved.

Konway87 pointed me to some evidence that the first Estrangelo script was from the beginning of the first century and thus not developed by Christians so I was wrong.
Quote:For Example, Birecik inscription from A.D 6 is written in Estrangela alphabet.

IPOstapyuk Wrote:Galilea was called Suristan.

Do you have any backup for this statement? Or do you mean 'the language was called Suristi?'

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