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Why does Hebrew and Greek appear in Pilatos' sign?
Burning one Wrote:a possibility i've pondered for the "Hebrew" on the sign is that it actually means "Aramaic." the reason being that oft-times in the Gospels when the text calls something "Hebrew," the word used (like a proper name of a person or place) is distinctly Aramaic - not what we think of as Hebrew. this tells us immediately that the word Hebrew could indeed stand in for Aramaic, at least to the minds of the 1st century believers.

For real? The "Hebrew" words in the gospel are Aramaic ones? <!-- sHuh --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/huh.gif" alt="Huh" title="Huh" /><!-- sHuh -->

List of "in Hebrew" ones I found:

Beth-khesda, Gafiftha, Gogultha, Rabbuli. (Greek Bethesda, Gabbatha, Golgotha, Rabboni)

Can you please verify these, both the Peshitto and the Greek transliterations?


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