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Eastern vs. Western dialects of 1st century Aramaic
I know several Aramaic primacists, like Janet Magiera, believe the Peshitta is merely the most reliable text of the New Testament that we have in Aramaic. She believes the New Testament was written in the Palestinian dialect. I have heard some people state that the Aramaic of Jesus is "very different" from the Aramaic of the Peshitta, but it seems to me like the Syriac we have in this version of the New Testament and the Aramaic of Christ are exactly alike. All of the words of Jesus that we have recorded in the Greek New Testament fit perfectly in with Syriac. James Murdock, Adam Clarke, and Joseph Bryant Rotherham (all three biblical scholars, two translators and one a commentator) referred to the language of Jesus as Syriac. Rotherham makes brief mention of Aramaic primacy in the introduction to his Emphasized Bible.

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