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Here is what Lonnie says about his version.

"It is not a translation. It is a version based on the Murdock and the Etheridge translations?from the original Aramaic, but with extremely updated English."

Also, I notice that when Lonnie feels that a Greek NT reading should be in his version, he puts it in there, and says in his notes, that "The Aramaic is missing" this or that verse or part of the he picks and chooses which verse should say what.

Also, he decides how often to insert YHVH into the text, where The Aramaic Text has Marya, or Alaha...which he believes were substitutes for the Tetragramaton both in the 1st Aramaic Manuscripts, and in the 1st Greek Manuscripts. So, he chooses which places this should be reversed.

So, really this is another NT, created in the image of the one who is doing the editing work...But not really what The Text actually says.

I can't recommend this revision of Etheridge's and Murdoch's translation. Too much Lonnie at work here and not enough of The Aramaic Scriptures speaking what they really say.

If you are looking for The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta, or even The Western Aramaic Peshitto's not here Brothers and Sisters. But, if you desire a GreekaHebraShitta...this is it, looks like.

Here is another statement by Lonnie...

"On average, 20 hours of research and editing went into each chapter. Should anyone want to sponsor any particular book of the Testimony of Yeshua, and receive a simple honorable mention at the end of the book (i.e. Matthew), the cost would be 20 hours times the Federal minimum wage of $7.25, times the number of chapters in the book. Funds would be directed toward hiring very qualified help to do a substantial first editing of the Gabriel Version of the Tanak (Old Testament), at considerably more per hour."

Hmmmm, so, Lonnie...if I wanted a "simple honorable mention" at the end of your version of The Gospel of would cost me $145.00 per Chapter... $145.00 x 28 Chapters = $4,060.00



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