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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Below are the stats on how often an English translation or text goes with The Eastern Peshitta vs The Western Peshitto in the 28 places (so far) as listed above. I've only listed those editions which have a complete New Testament, 22 or 27 book Younan, Norton and Pashka, are not listed here, as they are in the main list. "The Way Trans" stands for The Way International's "The Aramaic New Testament: Estrangela Script" which uses four 5th-6th century MSS for the 22 book canon.

The Stats:

The Khabouris Text: 
Eastern Peshitta readings = 29  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 0
The Aramaic Scriptures Translation: Eastern Peshitta: = 29  vs  Western Peshitto = 0

John Etheridge: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 25  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 4

Andrew Roth: Eastern Peshitta readings = 25  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 4    

Lonnie Martin: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 21 vs Western Peshitto readings: = 8

Victor Alexander: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 20  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 9

George Lamsa: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 19  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 10

James Murdock: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 18  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 11

Kiraz’s Antioch Bible: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 8 vs Western Peshitto readings: = 21

The Way Translation: Eastern Peshitta readings = 7 vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 22

Janet Magiera: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 7  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 22

David Bauscher: Eastern Peshitta readings: = *1  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = *29

The BFBS/UBS Text: 
Eastern Peshitta readings = 0  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = 29

David Bauscher: Eastern Peshitta readings: = *1  vs  Western Peshitto readings: = *29

Herb Jahn: Eastern Peshitta readings: = 0 vs Western Peshitto readings: = 29

A. Frances Werner: Eastern Peshitta readings: = *0 vs Western Peshitto readings: = 29

Note: For Matthew 21:4 Paul Younan has said that this is a mistake in his interlinear reading, and should have the Eastern reading of The Peshitta and Roth follows Paul Younan's mistaken Interlinear reading, as it was his base text. It thus should read as the Eastern Peshitta does here.

Note: Roth has the Eastern Peshitta reading at the end of the verse of Acts 21:13 for his translation/revision of Murdock, but keeps the UBS reading in his Aramaic text, which is the UBS text revised by him to match the readings of the Khabouris...but not here...and his note says as much. Not sure why.

Note: * David Bauscher's regular translation has an Eastern Peshitta reading for Ephesians 1:15 "all the Holy Ones", while his Interlinear text and it's translation for the same verse, has the Western Peshitto reading "the Holy Ones".

Note: * A. Frances Werner, states that the translation is based on the text that is "supported by The Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East" ...but it does not, as it has all the western readings of the Peshitto version text instead, which are no part of The Peshitta NT.


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