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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Quote:The issue is though, that so many of them spoke so many different languages (especially in Corinth) that it wouldn't make since for Paul to write in a language that not everyone could understand.

They also spoke Aramaic in Corinth, especially the Jewish people to whom Paul was sent 1st to preach the Gospel to, and it was far more popular in this part of the world that you might think. You should understand that Paul did not make 30 or 40 letters so each person could go home with a copy to read. It was sent to the leaders of the gatherings, and they would have read it aloud in Aramaic, which most of them could understand, being Jews and Gentile converts to the Messianic Jewish faith, and they would have made a translation of it in Greek, and perhaps Latin, for those who could not understand Aramaic. Church back then, was not like protestant church was thourghly Jewish in nature and culture. It was set up much like the Jews were used to...liturgical.

Also....the fact that there are many variants in the various Greek copies, which variant words can both be translated from a single Aramaic word, that the translator had a choice to make, is compelling proof that these documents were written in Aramaic. There are many of these discussed here at But can you show us a few examples where the reverse is true? Show us where a variant exists in the Aramaic text, which can be shown to be a translation of a single Greek word, where both Aramaic word variants can be correct.


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